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KUAwards 2013


It’s finally here!

2013 KoreanUpdates Awards is the online awards for the kpop and kdrama started since 2010. We started with 500,000 votes in 2010, 3 million votes in 2011, 6 million votes in 2012. And we hope this year we have more votes generated. This year we partnering with Korean Wave Indonesia as the host for our awards to honour our friendship.

We are proud to say that we still keep the old system up until today, making KU Awards one of most transparent awards in the world, we have open nominations where we gather informations from 100 or more fans, and formulate it to the nominee lists, sometimes we add the nominee if it is not more that 7 nominees in each category.

Here is the schedule for this year:

  • Nomination Period: November 1st to November 15th 2013 (CLOSED)
  • 1st Break: November 16th to November 18th 2013 (We have to formulate the nominees)
  • Voting Period: November 19th to December 10th 2013 (Yes it’s much faster than last few years.)
  • 2nd Break: December 11th to December 14th 2013 (Now we have to calculate the winner and make videos)
  • Announcement: December 15th 2013


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  1. s99999999

  2. sekarang tanggal 15, mana nih pengumumannya

  3. bap

  4. Super Junior! THE BEST!!!

  5. The gentlemen will deliver the trophies for the winners? T-ARA need to have those two trophies T ^ T.

  6. queen_jiyeon says:

    T-ara unnie’s, Jiyeonie unnie, FIGHTING!

    The last man standing (:

  8. exo exo exo exo

  9. infinite~~~~~♡

  10. ♡INFINITE is the BEST!!!!!!♡

  11. EXO <3
    We Are One
    Fighting !

  12. EXO <3

  13. XOXO !!!!!!!

  14. XOXO <3

  15. Exooooooooooooooo00000000000!!!!!!!!!

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